Dec 27, 2008

MCA Trying to Capitalize on Hudud Issue Out of Desperation

MCA is really going to town on the Hudud issue. Funny, we never saw MCA doing the same thing during the various body snatching incidences? For the life of me, why is MCA not questioning other Islamic practices in Malaysia, if they are so much in opposition to Hudud?

It seems they are really out to create feelings of uneasiness among the Pakatan Rakyat component parties. After their massive rejection during the 2008 elections, they are desperate to gain relevance yet again.

Trying to appeal to the fears of the non muslim community in Malaysia is the only thing MCA is capable is doing to save themselves.Where Was MCA?There were other inter-religous issue occuring before this courtesy of UMNO. Where was MCA then?Where was MCA during the body snatching incidences? Where was MCA when UMNO made statements with regards to the status of non Malays in Malaysia?Where were they? Why didn't they come down and demonstrate then? Is it because they agreed to UMNO's stand on Malay supremacy?

Hudud is a Non IssueAgain, let me remind all that Hudud is a non issue. For one, it will only be applied to MUSLIMS and therefore ALL NON MUSLIMS will be exempted.Second, to deny Hudud is to deny Muslims from practicing their own religion. This is because Hudud and Qisas is part of Islam just like prayers and fasting.

If MCA claims to believe in freedom of religion, why do they resist the implementation of hudud? When prevented, Muslims are unable to practice their religion in totality. Is that a sign of MCA's support for freedom of religion?MCA Wants Muslims To Continue With British COlonial Legacy?

My other question to MCA is: does MCA wishes to prolonged the British colonial policy of the replacement of Islamic laws with common law, which was imposed upon Muslims in Malaysia during the British occupation of Malaya?

MCA must be made aware that the law of this land is hudud before the coming of British. In fact, the Chinese in Melaka, Kelantan, Terengganu was all living under hudud law long before the British came.

MCA's sudden resistance to hudud is a sign that they are nothing but a British lackey committed to continue British legacy in Malaysia.At the end of the day, Muslims only want what is rightfully theirs, to practice their religion in totality.Is that too much to ask?

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