Dec 26, 2008

MCA group wants Chua to exit gracefully

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of MCA members has called on party deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek to follow the example set by Chinese educationist Loot Ting Yee who quit all his posts after being accused of sexual harassment.

The MCA Integrity Watch Group stated that they were heartened by the display of personal integrity by Loot, who had made a public apology and quit his positions in the Dong Jiao Zong and Lim Lean Geok Foundation over the accusation.

A female reporter, in her personal blog, had alleged that Loot had sexually harassed her but she had since removed the posting but not before her accusations were reported by the Chinese dailies.

“Whilst Loot’s resignation may not right the alleged personal wrong, it nevertheless saved both Dong Jiao Zong and the education foundation the ignomity of having to defend a disgraced leader should the issue drag further,” the group said in their latest posting in their blog (

Comparing Loot’s action to that of Dr Chua’s, the group said:
“We can only hope that our party leaders can demonstrate similar awareness of individual moral responsibility and do the rightful thing.

“Many of us have not forgiven the sex DVD scandal that has brought shame to the party.

“The agonising memories still haunt us, including the delegates who voted him into party office.”

The group also cited various examples of foreign politicians who maintained a “high sense of morality” in the face of scandal.

“Dr Chua is a disgrace and a liability to the party since we members can’t even mention that we are from MCA without inviting a snigger from others.

“He should take leave from more righteous leaders in the past and exit gracefully again,” they said.

The group added that scandal-tainted party leaders who insist on remaining in the party and continuing their political sojourn did not have the interest of the party in mind.


  1. 不错,名开特大吧!看是比较多人想要弹劾署理总会长还是总会长吧!省得诸多议论。

  2. This is ridiculous!
    When Chua Soi Lek's sex scandal happen, MCA keep saying dun judge him like that. Be fair, do not mix his personal issue with his work, he CAN really do work... blah blah blah...

    But now, MCA members select Chua Soi Lek. He won the position by majority. This is a democratic country (even though so-called democratic). Why ask him to step down NOW? Isn't it MCA member want him and choose him in the 1st place?