Oct 29, 2009

Ka Siong - the missing link?

Many in MCA think the party’s Youth leader Wee Ka Siong was actually the mastermind in an alleged plot to topple MCA president Ong Tee Keat.

The way they see it, newly minted deputy president Liow Tiong Lai was merely the front man in a grandiose plan to seize control of the party.

This was the startling allegation in an entry in the I love Malaysia blog.

It insinuated that Liow lacked "the brains" and guts to do so unless someone in the background was dictating his every move like a ventriloquist would direct a puppet.

“When historians one day revisit the 2009 MCA fallout, they will trace the roots to a stout man with bushy eyebrows. Experts in the Chinese art of face-reading will tell you that those with eyebrows that can double up as a household broom are conniving and cold-blooded beasts. They are wolves in sheep's clothing," said the blogger.

“And what’s more - a stout man is usually one who's impatient and addicted to power”.

Such allegations make entertaining reading and certainly are designed with an eye for its shock value before a partisan readership.

Impatient, bright star
The unidentified blogger stayed faithful to his breathless script - that’s certainly worthy of a drama - by lambasting Wee as being too impatient for his own good.

"To be fair, he's one of the bright stars that ever came MCA's way. He's eloquent in Bahasa, Mandarin and English; smart; has a mind of his own; and has earned grudging respect from some Umno chaps. His weakness: lust for power."

He also said that “everyone in MCA has heard of Wee’s ‘twin brother’ (Tiong) King Sing who shared the same ‘KS’ initials and physique.”

"Not even the South China Sea can separate the two abang-adik. They are like the ying and yang of nature. They share the mantra 'I scrub your back, you scrub mine.'''

It’s no secret that for Bintulu MP Tiong, the tipping point came when Tee Keat resolved to recover some RM1.5bil Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd was said to have overclaimed in the PKFZ project.

The blogger’s tale was embellished further with the Tiong-owned Kuala Dimensi being portrayed as a shell company to bankroll politicians like Wee (two Umno politicians were also mentioned). Tiong, it seemed, was also the man who paid for BN backbenchers to go to Taiwan to avert the Sept 16 mass defections last year.

Hold on. There’s more to come.

Setting the private jet trap
The blogger said not many people knew Wee benefited directly from the PKFZ largesse, courtesy of Tiong.

“Wee owns 47% of Hijau Sekitar Sdn Bhd, the sub-contractor Kuala Dimensi offered a multi-million ringgit contract to study and implement traffic flow and control in PKFZ. Other sub-contractors in the PKFZ project treated Wee like a god for they knew he was the go-between for Tiong.”

The story goes that one of Wee's own aide in the deputy education minister's office in Putrajaya was still under the payroll of Wijaya Baru Global Bhd, Kuala Dimensi’s parent company.

It is said that the Proton Wira he drove was registered under the company's name. The link did not end there. A well-known blogger, whom Wee brought into the MCA Youth's vocational training bureau, was also under Tiong’s payroll.(这段文章在真实的匿名信内有指明是Mr. Lau)

In the private jet controversy, Wee was fingered as the man who set the trap. He got Tee Keat to hitch a ride with him on Tiong's jet from Johor Baru back to Kuala Lumpur after attending a dinner event with the DPM. But months later, Tiong leaked flight details of Tee Keat's entourage over the Internet and this was duly picked up by Chinese news portal Merdeka Review.

Details about Wee being on the flight was conveniently omitted, said the blogger who seemed to have keen insider knowledge of party politics.

Wee was also known to have taken Tiong's planes on private trips, especially to Taiwan, he said, adding that the Department of Civil Aviation would have the flight records to prove the point.

Rush and lust for power
The drama reached a crescendo with “astounding business deals Wee cut in Taiwan.”

His leisure activities were also scrutinised including a whiff of sexual indiscretion with a so-called China girl. Word is Wee is now worried the girl is planning to expose their relationship in an exclusive interview with a local newspaper ahead of the next Cabinet reshuffle.

Wee was compared with PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, whereby both shared a rush and “lust for power” that proved their undoing.

Wee, who holds a PhD in transportation, was said to covet the transport minister's post if Tee Keat was out of the way. It would have taken the abang-adik relationship to a whole new plane, the blogger revealed.

But events in the last few days have overtaken one man’s ambition to rise to greater influence and affluence.

Such dreadful blog bile about characters caught up in a maelstrom is quite enough for the day.

Ultimately, the cut-and-thrust of political life dictates that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.


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