Oct 15, 2009


I would like to thank my supporters from all races and all walks of life who have shown deep concern and showered me kind words and encouragement following the MCA 10/10 EGM. I am heartened by the call urging me to stay as President of the Party

Over the years, my political career has been guided by my conscience and the peoples’ aspirations. People who know me well know that I uphold my principles in my political practice. It has never been my practice to renege on my words, including what I had pledged earlier with regard to the outcome of the EGM.

Nonetheless, the disciplinary action was a collective decision of the Presidential Council and Central Committee. Hence, the onus and responsibility is not on me alone, but collectively.

That being the case, I had proposed to have fresh polls to seek a fresh mandate from the Party, especially the outcome of the EGM was inconclusive and indicate that the grassroots were divided. The best way out of this situation is to seek the re-affirmation of the MCA leadership.

However any hopes for fresh poll was dashed because certain quarters are worried that I would renege on my words and decide to stay as the Party president. This is absolutely baseless.

Because of this, today I have decided to go back to the grassroots. I have directed MCA secretary-general to call for an EGM under Article 30.1 of the MCA constitution to decide whether the Party should hold fresh poll for the Central Committee. The EGM/AGM will allow delegates to end the impasse over whether the Central Committee should seek a fresh mandate.

I still have a long list of unfinished business involving Party and public interests, like the direct election of the MCA presidency and the Port Klang Free Zone issue. It is my wish to see such issues be addressed without any abrupt disruption.

I also would also like to congratulate Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai on his election as the deputy president after due deliberations by the Central Committee.

Last but not least, I need to tender my apologies to the people if they felt that I have not lived up to their expectations. I want to assure them that so long as I continue as a Member of Parliament and remain a discerning Malaysian, I will continue to pursue the PKFZ case in whatever capacity available to me. To my aspiring MCA colleagues, I must apologise if I stand in the way of your political ascendency. That has never been my intention.

To the genuine Party members and workers, please do continue with your endeavour to help strengthen the Party but do refrain from playing into the hands of manipulators and opportunists. Life has to go on and I have no regrets over any decision and endeavour I had embarked upon.

Written by Ong Tee Keat
Thursday, 15 October 2009


  1. 一派胡言!

  2. 翁诗杰的英文底子不错,这一篇的遣词用字都用得挺好的。

  3. Mountebank,
    There are some minor grammatical errors, but these errors are tolerable.
    Liow cannot be elected by the CC as the deputy president as Dr. Chua's case is still pending. At most Liow can be chosen as an acting deputy! The whole CC embarassed the chinese community of their poor know-how of constitutions and civil law!!!

  4. 勉强过得去,还是有点不流利,不乏“一块块”去拼出来似的。也许是时间紧凑的缘故?也许是心虚,违背自己的良心去准备的吧?无奈,还是以PKFZ课题这个烂点子来强调一番。PKFZ课题是"Road to Holland" for many of those who are concerned.

  5. 一股清流变浊沟,千年道行一朝毁。



  6. 少荣,你太小看马华了。党产岂只2亿多,是20亿多。

  7. 如果把开特大的钱换成1块钱1张纸币,用来tat人,都tat死人。

  8. Agreed to Mountebank, a nicely worded article.

    Ong writes good english. The content doesn't attract me, anyway.