Sep 6, 2008

Chinese "Penumpang"

最近连网上email也流行起AHMAD ISMAIL的“华人寄居论”趣味连环图,虽然画得有点“粗”,不过还是可以让人睹后心畅。



  1. 中国报晚间快讯:首相阿都拉接受阿末依斯邁解释,并遗憾媒体将历史的事实炒作为种族课题,他希望各造要避忌敏感话题。



  2. 谢谢你的意见,我也领教了你也不是什么东西,什么东西都不会做只会讲。




  3. I want to call myself a malaysian but Im of chinese descendant....well to me the question of being apologetic, apologising, not wanting to apologised, apologising on behalf is all bullshit.

    In malaysia for almost all my life i cannot help but realised that our "leaders" are to a certain extend small boys.

    In history it is undeniable that the Chinese and Indians came later than the Malays....and the sensitive question of special rights were based on an agreement way back.

    To me even though Im a history freak I cant really understand our history .....we start at slightly before Parameswara and ended the text in 1957 ...and we are still writing our malaysian history.

    And to me I feel the "leaders" or even the public is quiet confused on all these....statements made.

    My advise to them is to move on....If my mum and dad is telling me that my mother labour hard to give birth to me and my mum telling me my father was a bad man and his grandparents were this and that...when Im just asking them for food........I think this is all bullshit.

    Wake up "leaders'...if you cant lead go away...we malaysians...chinese indians and malays alike loves peace, loves harmony (you dont need to tell us), we hate wars, we hate arguments etc etc

    We are warm people (this is a known fact) and now we need food (we need the controlling of food price..survival skills) please shut the F*** up and plan something for the betterment of the people in Malaysia.

    Why talk about who is penumpang, pendatang, tuan, towkay...when at the end it would only leave everyone suffer more.

    Stop the nonsense....Decide if your leader is not capable, decide if your political party is handicapped, decide if your coalition is weak.........stop the talk and start walking the talk.

    No more bullshit...since the last election I only hear bullshit from everyone...all of them seems like "German Harbour" (cantonese "tak kok gong")...grow up kids.

    so what if the guy apologises and feels he needs not....when there is no sincerity...all words are just words....and the ones not getting the apology (what can u do) ..or rather do what u can...forced an apology for what...

    An apology given doesnt mean you have won...doesnt mean you have fought for your community....MAKE A DECISION stop the threats to do this and that...carry out if you mean it...or better LET IT all of us wants PEACE and HARMONY so that we could afford the next day to pay for our stupid expensive fuel, damn tasteless economy rice, ever high electric tariffs....and consistently heavy advertisements content ASTRO.

    We need good platform, good economy...and more money opportunities not wasting money buying newspapers with irrelevant "struggle" news.

    Wake up or shut the f*** up

  4. the Poet = difficult google account

  5. 你怎么說 如何消除極端種族主義言論
    寄居論 请问国阵的支持者 如何看待这件事件,你们认为他们需要向华人道歉吗?还有你们认为他应该被控上法庭吗?
    Jamaludin 說什麽制度上的平等。??政府那邊能做到嗎?
    Jamaludin 与黄进发的言论更加一致,也更加有建设性。

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  6. 国民精神,我们的阵线