Jul 24, 2009



  1. OMG! 第2首是韩国著名女子团体wonder girls的Nobody! 竟然改成... 不过,很好听。

  2. 我一直都很喜欢第四首。那只猪猪很可爱。。。


    Miss piggy, Arnold Ziffle neither has a little sniffle
    Porky Pig and Pooh’s Piglet no fever yet
    Putnam, Gordy, Toot and Puddle
    Not contagious safe to snuggle
    Ask Petunia, Babe, Noelle
    All of them feel well
    Wilber, Hamm, Hogzilla too none of them have caused the flu
    Wash your hands, wear a mask “how’d this happen?” people ask
    How it started I don’t know stay away from Mexico
    Now it’s in the USA no ones safe this day and age

    *Pigs didn’t start the swine flu *
    Blame the laboratory for this awful story
    Pigs didn’t start the swine flu
    No we’ve been betrayed
    *The strain appears man-made*

    Viral codes of human flu, bird influenza’s in there too
    The only thing I seem to find people blame the swine
    Read the papers post your blog, blame it on the lowly hog
    Down some aspirin take a swig your infected by the pig
    Everyone thinks I’m contagious read it on my twitter pages
    You can hug me you won’t die come and hang out in my sty
    Eat your dinner throw it up no one blames it on the pup
    Run a temp and get the chills everyone run for the hills

    Name diseases after pigs everyone throws dirty digs
    I’m a virus people think I’m not sick I’m clean and pink
    I’m your friend your little buddy I don’t know why you feel cruddy
    Don’t blame me I’m not the cause
    Government should change laws
    People sick across the nation looking for a vaccination
    Center for disease control someone there has got to know
    This disease it needs a name which animals should we defame
    Nobody will likely mind if we name it for an ugly swine!

    *chorus* X2

    the pigs are innocent I tell you
    we didn’t do anything wrong
    we didn’t start this disease
    but we’re taking all the blame
    take pity on pigs

  3. 哗!


  4. 哈哈,都说了我喜欢这首歌嘛。。。